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Much to our regret, we are having to cancel this summer’s Short Course programme.  Although we have tried our very best to ensure that a top-quality programme would be available, circumstances beyond our control mean that we will not be able to achieve this. 

Three issues in particular have adversely affected our plans:

  1. The current travel environment remains very uncertain and it is clear that quarantine arrangements, in the UK and elsewhere, are continuing to produce considerable and difficult delays for students.  Children on our longer-term programmes have found these issues very challenging as they returned for the Summer Term and the impact would be even more pronounced for those on shorter courses;
  2. We have been unable to secure bookings from a sufficiently wide number of countries and linguistic groups.  Even though a very pleasing number of students have reserved places, it has become apparent that we would not be able to get the necessary mix of linguistic groups in either the boarding houses or the classes.  We know how important the mix of nationalities is for students, parents and agents and we cannot compromise on this without undermining the quality of the pupil experience, something that we are unwilling to do;
  3. Finally, we have similar challenges with the age distribution of those applying, with the viability of classes in some age groups remaining uncertain.

We are making this decision now because we wish to give you as much time as we can to find alternative provision for this summer if that is your intention.  We are mindful, however, that many of you require the particular experience that a Sherborne International course provides and that postponement until next year may be your preferred option.  Any families who have already paid deposits or course fees can roll these over to next year if they wish, automatically  reserving a place for next year’s course, but at this year’s price.  Alternatively, if return of deposit or fees now is preferred, please let us know and we move forward with returning these monies to you.

I am very sorry that we have had to make this decision, but it is clear that it is in the best interests of your children that we do so.  If you have any queries regarding the situation and how it may affect you personally, please do not hesitate to raise these with the Short Course team.